Lentil Summer Salad

Summer is only an occasional visitor in England, but when it does come a-knocking I try to avoid adding any unnecessary heat to my kitchen with frying or baking, salads (and ice-cream ) take over on the dinner front. This one is a little bit of a work in progress in terms of proportions but I think it’s quite a nice balance of texture and flavour.

So the main base ingredient is the humble lentil, which in its dry form reminds me of a shingle beach..no? just me romanticising my ingredients again..

This made around three medium-sized portions.

You will need:

80g dry green or puy lentils

50g dry giant couscous

goat’s cheese (150-200g, more cheese the better)

2 sweet peppers

a bunch of flat leaf parsley

extra virgin olive oil

The dry form of the couscous doesn’t photograph as well as the lentils, reminds me more of medicine than of beaches! Giant couscous doesn’t taste like tiny/ordinary couscous (which I loathe!) it has more of a pasta-like texture.

First off, you will need to cook the lentils according to pack instructions (boil for around 30 minutes until tender) and ditto the giant couscous (8 minutes in some stock) then drain and leave to cool.

I purchased a lovely little goat’s cheese from Waitrose, which was a bit fancier than the one I would normally buy, it had a really subtle goaty taste and crumbled well.

A soft, cheesy beauty.

The last of my many ingredient shots- aka the perils of blogging salad recipes..Whilst the grains are cooling, chop up the peppers, parsley and cheese ( I don’t recommend doing the cheese on a wooden board as it will stick). Mix the couscous, lentils, peppers and parsley together and chill in the fridge for 10-15 min.

When your salad is at a suitably refreshing temperature, distribute evenly between plates, top with crumbled goat’s cheese and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil (a little freshly ground black pepper won’t go amiss either). And there you go!


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