Carrot Top Pesto

So earlier this week I bought some lovely carrots. Being easily pleased I had a grand time skipping about with the tops waving from my basket like a vegetable flag in the (purely imaginary) supermarket wind.

But after the carrots were consumed, I was still left with a substantial amount of produce. I was a bit sad to see the carrot greens go to waste so a quick bit of Googling later I came across a website that was devoted to all parts of the carrot (find it here).

The carrot top leaves can of course be eaten by themselves, and unsurprisingly taste a lot like carrot..the general advice is not to eat them if they taste bitter.  I decided to try out the Pesto recipe as a thinly disguised excuse to eat a lot of pasta.

I chose to use Hazelnuts as my base for the pesto but almonds or walnuts are also suggested.

You will need:

80g hazelnuts-toasted (or if you wish to copy me exactly, leave the room and forget you are cooking until they are a little burnt)

small handful carrot leaves

parsley to taste

clove of garlic

juice of half a lemon

100ml olive oil

60g parmesan


In a food processor, blitz the nuts, carrot leaves, parsley leaves, lemon juice and garlic.

Pour in cheese, salt, and olive oil a bit at a time. Blend, and increase olive oil if the pesto is too thick. Mix with pasta.

The pesto was nutty and delicious, but sadly not very carroty, I didn’t add very many leaves in the end but with the adjusted amount above you should be able to get the full benefit of carrot top flavour.


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